The Story Behind the Stories

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I have been a writer at heart since the first time I held a pen.  The flow of beautifully crafted language is perhaps my favorite art form and I find immense pleasure in the works of artists like Neil Gaiman and Tim Minchin. But making the words dance myself… that is a particular satisfaction.

This blog originally began as a promise I made to myself to finally get serious about my writing.  Pen to paper for 500 words — every day.  At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly where it would lead but it was the first official step I took toward finding my voice as a writer and learning to make it work even on days when inspiration and motivation were not easily found.

I’ve learned a lot since then…about writing, about myself, about what I want… and as a result this blog has gone through many changes along the way.  But first and foremost, it remains the place where I get to share my writing with the world.

I’ve struggled with what exactly I want to make of my writing.  Publication, while enticing, lacks the immediacy and the intimacy I’ve come to appreciate of the internet.  I can put the finishing touches on a piece in the morning, post it by noon and it will be read half way around the world by the time I go to bed.  I love that.  With my words I can reach out and touch you, move you, upset you, comfort you…connect with you.  The internet makes possible a community comprised of writers and the readers who appreciate their work.  Questions can be asked and answered, thoughts shared, thanks given.  It is that community with my readers that keeps me here…sharing my work openly and freely across the world.


My writing is descriptively rich, often immersive.  Aside from that, many of the pieces have little in common and span a wide range of genres from non-fiction to fantasy.  My hope is that you will find something here that resonates with you in some way…and that you’ll let me know.  Click “like” to say you’ve stopped in to read, “share” a piece through social media, leave a comment.  If you’re so inclined, make a small donation in the virtual tip jar via the link at the end of each story.  I am a huge proponent of the “pay what you can” model and every dollar I earn through this site is used to support various artists from around the globe in one way or another.  I like this idea… that my art gets shared out into the world and then gets turned around and put back into the creative buyingart1pipeline so that new art can be born.  I like that a lot.  Thank you for helping me make that happen.

While I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I like it that way.  If you find yourself at home here, and would like to take up a more permanent residence, consider joining me on Patreon.  You’ll get all the stories delivered to you via email as they’re born, complete with backstory and behind-the-scenes info not available here on the blog plus audio versions when I have time to record them.  Click here to learn more   Or if you’re more a “just the stories please” kind of person…feel free to sign up to follow this blog via email through the link in the main menu.

And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your interest in what I’m doing here!

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