Puppy Love


The puppy pounced on her, all wagging tail and licking tongue.  It made her giggle.  And when it didn’t stop, it made her laugh.  The harder she laughed the more excited it became and, placing its paws upon her shoulders, it gave a little leap and she was pushed back onto the grass.  There they were, rolling and laughing and licking…so happy that day in the sunshine on the soft green grass.

Max was watching from the sidelines, remembering back to the day when he first brought Daisy home.  She was not much bigger than this one at the time.  Long ears and puppy breath and skin still loose for all the growing she had yet to do.  Her paws were the only hint of how big and solid she would become.  What will Daisy think of this new addition?  She’s enjoyed being the family’s one and only for such a long time; their protector and playmate, will she be happy sharing the spotlight?

Before Max had time to consider the answer, Daisy appeared from behind the house.   She ran toward Kayla, and with an enormous paw she pulled the puppy from her.  Kayla sat up as the puppy toppled onto the lawn.  Wrapping her arms around Daisy’s neck and planting a big kiss on her nose, Kayla introduced Daisy to the newest member of the family.

“Daisy, this is the new puppy.  We haven’t named him yet but he dug a hole over there so we might call him Digger.  Isn’t he cute?”

Daisy sniffed at the new puppy that, sensing his fate may be in question, remained prone on the grass and allowed Daisy to inspect him thoroughly.   When she was satisfied, Daisy nudged him with her nose and in an instant he wriggled to his feet.  He barked, a tiny puppy bark, and crouched down, inviting Daisy to chase.

“Go on, Daisy, he wants to play!” Kayla encouraged.  And they were off.  They circled the house, and shed for good measure, before the puppy lost his footing and tumbled across the lawn. Quick to his feet, the puppy was off again with Daisy close behind.

By evening they had tired themselves out.  Daisy had shown him the limits of the yard and where the squirrels came down from the trees.  She showed him the hole in the fence that the rabbits use and the far corner where Mrs. Blancher liked to reach over and say hello with a quick ear rub.  Now they were back inside; nice and warm beside the fire with bellies full.

After her bath, Kayla came downstairs in her PJ’s and snuggled in between them.  Daisy sighed a sigh of resignation and moved enough to let her in.  Digger, his name having stuck, was too tired to notice.

“Daddy, isn’t this perfect??” said Kayla, her face beaming.

They were a vision of contentment, the three of them, laying there in the glow of the fire, soft and warm and happy.  Max looked at them and had to agree…it was perfect.

© Kelly Rainey and http://www.500wordsandcounting.wordpress.com, 2015.

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