I Think I Can



Maybe.  That’s what “I think I can” really means.   Maybe.  Remember asking your parents for something as a child and getting a maybe in response?  What did that mean?  It meant probably not.  It meant don’t get your hopes up.  It meant that unless we pushed harder, it was unlikely to pan out.  Well, now we’re all grown up and maybe hasn’t changed much.  It’s the pacifier we give ourselves when we know the thing we want is hard to get and we’re not so sure we’re willing to work that hard to get it.

I think I can means I’m not convinced.  I think I can puts everyone on notice to lower their expectations.  I think I can leaves us wiggle room to bail.  People who think they can, rarely do.  It’s the believers who make things happen.  You see, our biggest battle is not in the doing of the thing, it’s in the believing that we can; it’s in moving from I think to I know.  We tell ourselves we think we can to avoid being disappointed when; in fact, we increase our chance of disappointment when we think instead of believe.  If we give ourselves an out we’re likely to take it.  When we believe, we close the doors on the escape routes presented by the fear of failure.

I think I can is dangerous.  It’s dangerous because it sounds braver than “I can’t do that” and it takes the pressure off a bit.  We don’t beat ourselves up for not trying and our friends don’t push as hard.  But “I think I can” is so often the place that good ideas and bold chances go to wither and die.  Quite simply; we try harder, work longer and risk bigger when we believe.

Believing doesn’t guarantee success, but it allows us to take the time and energy that would be wasted on doubt and focus them instead on the work that must be done to achieve our goals.  We see what we look for and, when we believe, our eyes are open to possibility all around us.  Obstacles; however, litter our path when we look through the filter of uncertainty.  This begs an interesting question:  same path, so which are they…obstacles or opportunities?  The choice, often, is ours.

There are those of us who dream and dream big…comfortable with grand, far-reaching ideas.  But it’s not that easy for the rest of us.  For the rest of us, believing needs a push, a spark to get it going and, as with anything else, it gets easier with practice.  If the thing we desire to do seems too big, too distant, to believe fully and confidently that we can achieve it, we need only move the direction of our attention a little closer.  No goal is achieved in one giant leap.  Instead, we reach our destination one step at a time.  By breaking the journey down into its pieces, and then concentrating only on the step immediately in front of us, we find the courage to believe.  We believe that we can do that one thing right in front of us.  And once we do that one thing, each step in succession becomes a little easier to believe in.  Little by little, we achieve.

I applaud those of you who refuse to dismiss out of hand the opportunities that lay before you with an “I can’t” and I implore you to keep on going, past “thinking” you can, and believe.  For great things, wonderfully amazing things come to those who believe.  Believe you can, you will…and watch what happens.

©Kelly Rainey and 500wordsandcounting.wordpress.com, 2015.  

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