Home is Where the Heart Lives (Part 3): The Room at the End of the Hall

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Open-Door-to-Hallway-archiv“There you are,” said James’ dad.  “Grab that box by the door and follow me upstairs.  Let’s have a look at your new room.”  Keeper followed them up the stairs and into the hall.  There were three doors and a large window at the far end that looked out onto the back yard.

“This one’s for me and your mom and that first room on the left I’m going to use for an office.  Your room is the one at the end.  Go ahead and I’ll be right there.”  James’ dad headed off excitedly toward his new office to drop off the box of books he had been carrying.  For a man who didn’t like to stay in one spot for long, he had not yet embraced the idea of traveling light.

Keeper followed James down the hall.  Opening the door, James stepped into his new room.  It was an ordinary room; a suitable bedroom he supposed.   There were two windows with a view of the back, a small closet at one end, and a doorway to a bathroom shared with the office.  James’ dad popped through just then.

“Pretty cool, huh James?  Your very own bathroom.”

“Yeah, cool.”

“So what’s with the dog?  Does he have a name?”

“Keeper.  That’s what Mom says he is so that’s what we decided to call him.”

“Keeper he is then.”  James’ dad gathered new friends easily wherever they went and always encouraged his son to do the same.  As no other immediate options had yet presented themselves, he was quite satisfied with a four-legged friend for James.

“Ok, I’ve got to find the kitchen boxes before it gets dark so your mom can get started with dinner.  Give me a hand?”

“Sure, Dad.”  And the two of them headed back downstairs and out toward the car.

The trailer they had rented for the move was still mostly full and James doubted they would finish unloading before dark.   Moving boxes around, they managed to find a few marked Kitchen and carried them inside.   His mother was grateful and got started unpacking right away.  The kitchen was her domain and in the setting up of her new space she seemed almost as excited as his dad.

James wished he could share their enthusiasm, but his thoughts were of his last home and the friends he had left behind.  Just then he remembered his newest acquaintance and wondered where he had wandered off to.   As his parents seemed content to busy themselves with the boxes, James headed off in search of Keeper.  He found him sitting in front of a narrow little door at the end of the upstairs hall.  James had not noticed this door before, which seemed odd as it was directly across from his room.  None-the-less here it was.  Keeper looked at James and then at the door.  Dad hadn’t mentioned what this room was for.  He couldn’t have missed it too, could he?  James reached for the doorknob and gave it a turn, or tried to…it was locked.  Hmm.  Well that’s interesting, thought James.  He gave a little jump and ran his fingertips across the top of the doorframe.  Experience had taught him that keys were often placed above the door to which they belonged.  He was right.  His fingers touched a hard object and with one more jump and a little push, the key tumbled from above and landed on the floor in front of the door.  Picking it up and placing it into the lock, James heard the familiar click and turned the knob.  In!  But the open door did not reveal a room as James had expected.  Instead, it opened outward and James was met with what appeared to be a closet of stairs.  They filled the space entirely, wall to wall, and went straight up — to what, James had no idea, but he was quite anxious to find out.

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