Bedtime Stories

4a9f7d8d56d2e6840d4e0698c5b5dae9“Grandma, where are you?” Elaine whispered into the dark.

“I’m right here, Sweet Pea.”

“Oh, I couldn’t see you.  The moon was in my eyes.”  It shone brightly through the window next to her bed and illuminated the small girl in a ghostly glow.

“Well I can see you.  That moon has you all lit up like a Christmas tree.  How are you ever going to get to sleep with it shining in your eyes like that?”

Elaine giggled.  “I like it, Grandma.  It keeps me company.”

“How about I keep you company instead and we close the curtains?”

“Deal.”  Elaine wriggled out from under the covers and pulled down the shade.

The room was pitch black now, and Elaine stood for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust, before climbing back into bed.

“There.  That’s better.  Don’t you think?”

“Tell me a story, Grandma.”

“What would you like to hear, Little One?”

“Tell me about when I was a little girl.”

“You still are a little girl, Lainey”

Elaine laughed at her mistake.  “I mean when you were a little girl.”

“Oh, now that makes more sense.  Let’s see…do you want to hear about the time I was a little girl living on a farm, or when I was the little girl from the city across the ocean?”

“The farm, Grandma.  I like the farm.”

“Oh I did too, Lainey.  The farm time was my favorite.”

Marie regaled her granddaughter with misadventures of long ago; tales of chickens and cows and fields of corn and all the fun a girl could have in wide open spaces with nothing but time.

“Grandma, will I get to do that?  Be little again somewhere else?”

“I don’t know, Lainey.  I don’t how it happens, only that it can.”

“Do you want to do it again, Grandma?

Marie sat quietly for a moment, considering her answer, while lifetimes of memories came flooding back to her, filling her with joy and sadness in equal measure.  They had been magical adventures, each with their own separate pleasures, but none quite as sweet as Elaine.

“I don’t know, Sweetie.  I’ve done it many, many times but I quite liked this last time and I’m not sure I’m ready to leave it behind.  Besides, I would miss you so, so much!”

“Me too, Grandma.  Do you think we could find each other again?”

“Perhaps.  But I don’t know how long it would take.”

Elaine lay quietly in her bed, considering the possibilities as the dark slowly began to lure her toward sleep.  Marie floated gently beside her granddaughter and moved her hand across her face as if brushing the hair from her eyes.  But the auburn strands did not yield their position and Marie knew it would not be long.  It had been a year already, and it was only by pure will of spirit that she stayed attached to this place and this child.  Her figure glimmered slightly, fading further than it already had and she knew the time remaining was short.  “I love you, Lainey.”

“I love you too, Grandma.” Elaine murmured, opening her eyes just slightly and turning in her bed.  The room filled with a golden glow that glimmered and sparkled and was more beautiful than anything Elaine had ever seen.  And as the room faded back into darkness, Elaine felt the warmth of her Grandmother’s love wash over her, and she knew that she was gone.

© Kelly Rainey and, 2015.  

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